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The term "Transits " refers to passages of a planet on various factors chart (planets, Moon, Sun, As - MC ) and the zodiacal degrees coinciding with an aspect ( particular angle) of one of these factors. planetary transits can begin to be felt even before the time aspect is mathematically correct, but after that time. usual tolerance is an orb of 3 degrees ( both sides the exact angle).

Harmonics transits are the conjunction ( some cases), Sextile and Trine ( 0-60-120 °). Dissonant are Semi- Square, Square and Opposition ( 45-90-180 °).

Astrology deals include four elements, ie the four basic energies ( Fire, Earth, Air, Water ). All transits will stimulate or reactivate these energies so that they run at a certain pace. They give energy to the individual experience of these dimensions.

The most important transits are those of the 5 most outer planets called outer planets. They put pressure on the unconscious to invite us to change some attitudes and realize a development that will allow us to become more aware.

   In Astrology, the human being must be considered as a unit, a unit that is holistic vision. In this context, all transits operating in a particular chart will reflect the changes that will interfere with that person.
   All transits will compare the individual to a field of new experiences. Even if the individual is not aware of the change that takes place, it will become a reality perceptible later, our conscious will find out sooner or later.
   It should not be ignored if the action of a key transit and modify any part of it will also affect the entire whole.
   When we notice the arrival of a particular transit, we must analyze its consequences in all its aspects with other planets.

For example, if you live a transit of Pluto ( Planet of transformations) with a planet in your chart, Venus, for example, things managed by this planet ( Love and feelings ) will be lived in a climate Plutonian.

Should always pay particular attention to chart when you live the simultaneous action of several important transits.

Do not forget that the influence of several major transits usually induces a climate of tension and conflict. Stressful times we live in, it may be time to consult a competent astrologer.

An isolated transit does not say everything. There was also necessary to analyze the themes of progress and Solar Revolution of the year to verify the presence or in another form.

It is not always possible to determine that the action of an important transit will be experienced on the inside or externally. Let us remember that astrology gives only light compared to a situation and in no case it expresses a judgment of coloration " deterministic ". Free will is always present and it is up to you to respond to your best interests.

1. Neil Michelsen's The American Ephemeris for the 20th Century; ACS, are very comprehensive.

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