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Understanding planets cycles

We set out in our articles on Zodiac portraits of each planet and the main similarities between the signs, houses and planets dominant. But it is probably useful in parallel to study each planet as a function representation and concisely. This is what we propose to do in this course for complete beginners, those who make their first steps into the wide world of astrology.


I. Fast planets

Rapid traverse planets a sign averaging less than one year .

The Sun
Planet that revitalizes , brightens and highlights the passion.
Symbolizes the man, the leader, the guardian, the creator, the husband , who shines.

Keywords : heat , love, vitality , strength, radiation control, growth , glory, pride, loyalty , nobility, arrogance , disdain, self-centeredness , susceptibility.
The sun controls the heart , eye , back and arteries.

The Moon
Planet that causes changes and highlights emotions .
Symbolizes fertility , mother , family, woman, people.

Keywords : versatility, imagination , receptivity , emotion, memory , mystery, fear , birth, passivity , popularity, peace , sensitivity , anxiety, caprices, whims , inconstancy.
The moon controls the stomach , breasts and uterus.

Planet which causes duality that splits and uses rational highlighted.
Symbolizes siblings , relatives , intellectuals, different modes of communication.

Keywords : Mobility , relationships , sharing , ingenuity , education , address, flexibility , adaptability, curiosity, youthfulness , nervousness, sociability , sociability, nuances.
Mercury control traffic, hands, arms , lungs , nerves and spinal cord .

Planet pushing harmony and conciliation , highlights the feelings.
Symbolizes the feelings of love , the lover , the pleasures , the aesthetic, the artist, the diplomat , the charm .

Keywords : harmony, attraction , seduction, sensuality , passivity , inertia, beauty, kindness, good humor , balance, grace, gregarious , inaction, laziness , shyness, rejection of conflict , neglect.
Venus controls the mouth , veins , kidneys, neck, hormonal system , touch and taste.


Planet pushing the initiative , courage sometimes to violence and highlighting the action.
Symbol those skilled in action , war , activism , people aggressive , enterprising or sports , lover, rival.

Keyword : combustion , impulsivity , recklessness, competition , conquest , business, franchise primarity , experimentation, brutality , bestiality , cruelty, selfishness , carelessness , arrogance , jealousy, mockery, tyranny.
March controls the head, face , jaw , muscles , nose and smell.


II . The outer planets

The outer planets and taking a year to travel a zodiac sign.

Causing the planet abundance , expansion and success, it highlights the development .
It symbolizes those who hold judicial or intellectual spiritual power ( doctor , cardinal, judge ... ) , the wealthy , protective and thinkers .

Keywords : success , luck, generosity , excess, synthesizing mind , demonstration, Happiness , wisdom, dedication, arrogance , pride, authoritarianism , ostentation, invasiveness and Slip .
Jupiter controls the liver, gallbladder and thighs.

Planet which causes difficulties , obstacles and highlights the experience and maturation.
It symbolizes the people determined by the time their ally and often living recluse (researchers, writers, hermit ... ) , scholars , people , old, lonely .

Tags: finish, confinement, events , construction, end of things , concentration, fate , time, gloom, high ambition , planning, economy , austerity, perseverance, logic , method, thoroughness , perseverance, depth , coldness, Cartesianism , inhibition, intolerance, hypocrisy , hatred , skepticism.
Saturn control bones, skeleton , spine , teeth , hearing and spleen.

Planet that cause upheaval , unpredictable events and highlights the novelty and independence.
It symbolizes the originals, madmen, geniuses , rebels , freethinkers , protesters , unions . It also symbolizes the breaking energy .

Keywords : progress, unique , unexpected , tension, suddenness , present and future , modernity , revolution, eccentricity , liberation, friendship , invention, utopianism , brilliance , humanism, lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating on the long term , nervousness, absolutism.
Uranus controls the nervous system and blood , blood .

Planet causing confusion and illusion puts highlighting spirituality and transcendence or escape from reality .
It symbolizes both crooks, traitors, anarchists, drug addicts, alcoholics, shadow people and people dedicated to humanity or living through their intuition (such as musicians or mediums ) . It also symbolizes the people of the sea and the mystical .

Keywords : universal communion , mysticism , secrets, illusion , confusion , chaos, Platonism , intuition clairvoyant , magnanimity , exaltation , perception, instability.
Neptune controls the feet, ankles and lymph .

Planet causing questionings , questions and highlighting the need for renewal and the need for intensity.
It symbolizes those who deal with death, occult or secret things , those who specialize in complex investigations and dealing with taboo or dangerous things.

Keywords : transition into another world , mutation, fascination , instinct, strength , curiosity, regeneration, fierce determination and unscrupulous , destruction, perversion.
Pluto control sex.


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